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DXC Technology recently announced that they started helping companies & enterprises speed up the process of adopting virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies into their working environments. This decision has been made to support immersive experiences to assist companies transitioning into the digital workplace. This follows a report stating that by 2022 about 70% of all companies will be experimenting with AR/VR technology and 25% will adopt them. DXC is using new technologies to connect remote workers, assist with complex tasks, and enhance training & collaboration.

Maria Pardee, senior vice-president of DXC Technology, stated that digital transformation in the workplace is becoming a vital aspect that companies need to adopt to move with modern times. She further stated that companies are constantly looking for new ways to create immersive & enjoyable experiences that connect the real world with the virtual world. She said that DXC is using the power of AR, VR, and MR to connect the next generation of digital employees with platforms that allow them to be more flexible and independent. She mentions that this is vital for the security, production, and agility of any company.

DXC recently assisted one of the leading companies in water treatment and chemical distribution in New Zealand & Australia. The company, Ixom, enlisted the help of DXC to develop a custom training along with the assessment platform using Microsoft’s HoloLens. In the past, Ixom would conduct learning & training assessments at customer sites. This required travel, scheduling, and using employee resources. By using the custom-built solution, Ixom saves time & money. They can do the learning and training assessments remotely. This results in flexibility and autonomy. Ixom employees can get the work done without being exposed to hazards or risks.

DXC was named a leader in the Advanced Digital Workplace Services Overall category in the NelsonHall Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) Report in 2019. DXC has also been made an official partner in the Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Partner Program which reflects the company’s mission to create digital solutions that will help customers accelerate their digital transformations using mixed reality technologies.

DXC offers a wide range of AR/VR services that can be customized to suit the needs of any business, enterprise, or company:


The AR/VR solutions consist of a consulting platform, a custom application development along with a system integration for a wide range of AR/VR devices, including HoloLens.

The DXC Remote Expert is an innovative AR solution that allows field workers of any industry to access work instructions through a hands-free interface on their wearable devices.
The DXC Workplace IoT enables enterprises to use and manage smart connected devices that combine IoT solutions, best practices, and leading market platforms to acquire data & analytics.

DXC Open Connect creates a connected ecosystem where services for patients, healthcare providers, and payers are optimized. It uses AR to improve customer & patient outcomes in the long run.



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