“5 Ways Hotels will Change in the Future – AR/VR Hotel technologies”

By Syda Productions/Shuttersock


People often fantasize about what the future will look like. With the rise of technology, it is almost unbelievable to think that we are already there! Tourists are especially curious about what hotels will look like a few years from now. Will we be greeted by friendly robots? Will our luggage (finally) be taken to our room on its own? New trends are emerging in all sectors such as entertainment and tourism, so here are 5 ways in which technology will change the future of hotels.


Hotels often go through tedious renovations that put them back a few bucks because they want to keep the look of their hotels modern. It could lose them a lot of clients during this period. The future promises transformers that do exactly that – transform the look of the hotel instantly! The next generation of technology will allow these transformers to change the shape, look, and design of the entire hotel. These hotels will use nanotechnology and various other mechanisms to alter the environment, the buildings, and even entire worlds. Jurassic Park might become non-fiction after all.

Temporary hotels

In the past few years, a new trend has scooped the world in the form of pop-ups. Many restaurants would have pop-up settings where it would be available for only a short amount of time or clothing stores would have pop-up stalls that would be available for a day or a week. Hotels will also be joining the temporary trend by becoming pop-up destinations for tourists. Investors will be able to invest in a certain hotel that only operates for a short amount of time but they will also be able to choose the design and location of the hotel. Pop-up hotels will be implemented with the use of nanotechnology and 3D printers.

Personal avatar

The goal with the development of technology is to create a more personalized experience for users which is why personal avatars will work great in the hotel industry. With personal avatars, reservations will be made on behalf of the guest and it will play the role of a digital travel agent, finding the best hotel deals for the client. All requests will be fulfilled including check-in and it will be able to communicate, negotiate, and plan all the stages of the trip. The avatar will act as a sort of Alexa or Siri that will assist tourists.

New generation eco-hotels

Future hotels will be eco-friendly, green, along with emphasizing saving energy. Many hotels are already doing this. Future hotels will step it up a notch by only using renewable products to maintain a zero carbon-emissions balance. Experts have also predicted that tourists will transact via a new digital currency that will help the hotels contribute to improving the environment.

Augmented reality hotels

Augmented reality hotels are one of the significant ones among 5 ways hotels will Change in the Future. Thanks to new AR/VR technologies, tourists will be able to stay in their hotel rooms while experiencing numerous situations without leaving. Imagine an African safari whilst sitting on your hotel bed in San Francisco. AR hotels will allow the guests to journey through new worlds and it can give valuable information about the city that they are visiting with the touch of a button.



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