“Coachella Arts & Music Festivals Bring AR To The High Desert”

If you are not at Coachella then you are not living. This is the message that the Coachella Arts and Music Festivals sends out to many musicians and music fans all over the country. The 2018 Coachella Festival promised to make good on what they sold fans throughout the year and even more than what they ever could have imagined. It brought a variety of colorfully sculptural artworks to Los Angeles and it gave huge exposure to local and international artists like designer Bureau Spectacular among others. 

This year, unique designs that made use of augmented and virtual reality were presented at the festival. It included work from R&R Studios, a duo from Miami made up of Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquart. They brought their star-shaped sculpture, Supernova, to the festival and fans were in absolute awe. These two creatives often focus on the visual, architectural and design components of art which is why their second visit to Coachella was just as exciting as their first. They get it right to show that art is more than just something that looks great but that it can be innovative as well. 

Another design studio that made waves at Coachella was NEWSUBSTANCE. They mainly focus on creating art for entertainment purposes. They made their Coachella debut this year with their impressive design called Spectra. It consists of a seven-story-tall sloped ramp structure adorned in transparent orange and yellow panels. Not only was it an eye-catching exhibition that caught the attention of festival-goers but critics also took note of what the entertainment design studio created. Many fans were impressed by the standard of work delivered by a team that attended Coachella as designers for the very first time. 


Many other designers also caught the attention of art critics at Coachella. Randy Polumbo brought his Lodestar which is a 35-foot triangular saucer. It is made from a repurposed Lockheed Martin Lodestar jet that sits on a trio of 10,000 pound legs. Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi graced the High Desert with his Etherea sculpture which is a huge mesh-based work based on Baroque architecture. Simón Vega from El Salvador presented a spherical structure made up of repurposed components called Palm-3 World Station. 

Then, of course, many artists chose to portray their work using AR technology. American artist Katie Stout presented her Display This Oasis sculpture which uses AR and is grounded in reality. It showed how everyday objects could be processed through a special web-based app. Adam Ferriss from Los Angeles brought his Meta & Ditto AR installation which manipulated source images, computer code, and algorithms to create a psychedelic effect. No photographs of these two AR displays have been made available so festivalgoers had the perfect opportunity to see live. Sources claim that as soon as pictures of the AR art have been released, they will be updated to fans who could not attend Coachella 2018. 


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