“How will AR Benefit Businesses in 2020? – AR & VR Revolution”

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For many years augmented reality has been connected to entertainment & games like Pokémon Go or Snapchat filters. But the potential of AR in businesses is surprisingly big and it is coming to light with every passing day. The $67.5 million AR market is said to reach $195 billion by 2025 which means that more consumers and businesses will adopt the technology. How will AR benefit businesses? How will it be different from the way we are doing business at the moment? Here are a few industries that will show exciting changes. 


The role that AR is playing in the healthcare industry is phenomenal and this technology is offering a new set of opportunities and benefits that all healthcare professionals can enjoy. One such tool is an augmented diagnosis that allows doctors & nurses to accurately diagnose patients. This gives them a better understand symptoms that would otherwise be difficult to spot. Augmented training and practice also help interns and medical students to complete necessary training without any risk. This not only helps to test their knowledge but it also helps them to get in virtual practice before operating on a patient. 


AR is changing the landscape of the military. The training procedures that need to occur. This is one of the industries that are using AR technology the most. This is where it is growing the fastest. The technology is helping soldiers prepare for battle in virtual settings, it is helping them to dispose of bombs, and it is enhancing their weaponry skills without putting their lives at risk. It adds labels to real-world scenarios and it makes navigation easier even when it is dark. This type of technology is also useful for remote repairs or maintenance. 

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Entertainment is the industry where AR/VR originally developed from and it is still growing at a rapid rate. AR is being used across all industries to create a more immersive experience for the user. AR in the music industry has allowed for AR-powered earbuds and other equipment to add an augmented layer on top to enhance the listener’s audio experience. AR in cinema has allowed unrealistic or non-existent elements to a film so that they become more realistic and possible. AR is also playing a huge role in media and advertising. It has made it easier for businesses to share and create innovative content. 

Education & Training

Education and training have been known for implementing traditional methods for many years. AR is changing the way educators teach along with the way students learn. It has made immersive and integrated learning possible in fun & exciting ways. Students have the opportunity to visualize a concept that minimizes the possibility of them misunderstanding it. It also helps them to remember material better as it is interactive and not in textual form. AR has allowed students to graduate with both theoretical and practical knowledge that they can apply to real-life situations in their working environment. 


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