Virtual Reality against Coronavirus – How is it helping?

By dotshock
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31 March 2020

Paracosma Inc. announced that they will be offering free remote Virtual Reality collaboration along with event services for companies, events, and entertainers that have been impacted by the Coronavirus  (COVID-19 virus.) The company will build branded worlds on Microsoft’s AltspaceVR platform that companies can access for promotions. The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruption to businesses all over the world. Many countries are already under lockdown and schools have closed, opting to switch to remote learning instead. Paracosma is taking advantage of social distancing and the need for collaboration remotely.

Virtual reality makes it possible for people to work together in a risk-free environment and fight against Coronavirus. People can ‘meet’ in a virtual office that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and an AltspaceVR compatible device. AltspaceVR was founded in 2013 then acquired by Microsoft in 2017, making it the oldest and most popular social VR platform. Paracosma brings its AR/VR application development tools for realistic 3D content creation. Paracosma’s VR applications have been used for enterprise and industrial training as well as surgical simulation.

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Ken Ehrhart, the founder, and CEO of Paracosma stated that their team had a great experience working with AltspaceVR and they had a successful hosting of their third-annual VR for Good conference. Over 1,300 users could log on to the platform. It demonstrates the power of scalable, high-quality remote collaboration using VR. Ehrhart went on to say that VR for Good was founded with Bob Fine from VR Voice because it formed part of Paracosma’s vision to make reality better through virtual reality.

Parascoma also announced its promotional offer where it will help companies implement the platform to any business that needs to set up a work-from-home station. They will also then guide companies, schools, event planners, and other businesses on how to transition from real-life business to remote business. Ehrhart stated that no event should be canceled and no meeting should be postponed. He further said that students and customers should not bear the brunt of this pandemic when there are easy solutions to implement. The cost of the VR platform will be less than a plane ticket and there is an easy online registration procedure.

Ehrhart said that they have also been using AltspaceVR to bring together Paracosma employees in the US, Japan, and Nepal for daily business meetings that are run in a virtual office. The same platforms and auditoriums they have been using will be made available to the public. AltspaceVR is currently offering certain worlds as a beta feature. Even though not all functions and features will be available in these worlds, rigorous testing will be done to ensure that these obstacles are overcome. Should enterprises require a more advanced VR solution they are more than welcome to contact Paracosma to discuss new proposals and strategies so that their business needs are met.

Paracosma is also giving away a VR game, Shelter in Place, as part of their coronavirus relief duty.




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