VIVIDQ Aims for Unicorn Status

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The Cambridge-based software company, VividQ has recently been named Best British Technology Pioneer of 2020. The competition that the company won was organized by KPMG’s Emerging Giants practice which was aimed at finding local startup companies that have been causing major disruptions in the field of technology. VividQ, which was established in 2017, has over 60 expert engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists from the University of Cambridge on their team. The company is known for its innovations in 3D holography. The business currently offers patented software to enable the easy adoption of AR/VR glasses. It is planning to have 10 million products in circulation by 2023.

Chairman of the Emerging Giants Center of Excellence, Bina Mehta, stated that VividQ is an exciting business. They have a team of highly skilled individuals that will propel them from one success to the next. He further mentioned that they stood out from the other businesses and the judges were impressed by their potential and international aspirations. He believes that the company is well on its way to achieving unicorn status. They are fantastic representatives of the current technological status of the UK.

VividQ partnered with Compound Photonics US Corporation at the beginning of the year to produce high image quality, real-time holographic display. This will accelerate the adoption of AR & MR devices all over the world in the consumer and commercial sectors. The two companies will be working together closely to overcome certain obstacles that are difficult to master for individual companies in order to meet the demand that has boomed from the AR market. Devices that make use of the technology produced by this partnership will deliver the ultimate experience and solve major issues that come with the AR experience such as eye-fatigue.


The results of the partnership were displayed at SPIE AR/VR/MR in San Francisco in February where the first complete holographic AR headset was demonstrated. The headset makes use of VividQ’s structure, software, subsystem, and integration support from Compound Photonics. It produced a first-hand look at the capabilities of real-time, high-quality holographic display for target applications. CEO and co-founder of VividQ, Darran Milne, stated that the company is very excited to be working with such revolutionary technology and to partner with a company that shares the same vision as VividQ.

The holographic displays developed by VividQ have been implemented in countries like the US, China, and Japan in applications ranging from AR smartglasses to automotive head displays. The company stated that its goal is to use the funding it secured last year to accelerate the technology they are producing to enable the next big revolution in the industry. Milne stated that holography will revolutionize the way we interact with the world and shift the basics of communication. He further mentioned that this type of technology will allow holography to be accessible to everyone across hundreds of applications. He also praised his capable team along with the hard work that they brought to the table.

7 March 2020



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