“The Rise of Virtual & Augmented Reality Promoted By Lieberman”

The past few decades have been exciting for developers along with tech junkies all over the globe. The rise of virtual and augmented reality technology has made it possible for many industries to revolutionize the way they do business. AR/VR moved from being a major role player in the entertainment industry into technology that has been enhanced for sectors like education, tourism, and even restaurants. Many big companies have chosen to go the AR route by developing their AR technologies and apps to accompany it. Liebherr is one of the powerhouses that jumped on the digital bandwagon. 

Liebherr recently announced that they will be launching an augmented reality app that will offer virtual exploration of the company’s product range aimed at heavy lifting and material handling solutions. The app shows off the capabilities of Liebherr’s LR1300 and HS8200 crawler cranes by showing digital projections in a real-world environment. The AR app will further demonstrate Liebherr’s piling and drilling equipment. Users will have the opportunity to experience the Liebherr equipment without contacting the company or going into one of their offices. It makes it possible for international companies to do business wherever they may be. 

By PaO_STUDIO/Shutterstock

The company is known for its innovative solutions when it comes to heavy-duty machinery and lifting so it is no surprise that they are one of the first companies in this sector to promote augmented reality while incorporating it into their business. The company stated that the AR technology will allow the user to experience crawler cranes, deep foundation machines, duty cycle crawler cranes, and other Liebherr technologies in new ways. This also allows the company to create a personalized experience for its customers which can in turn help to improve their customer satisfaction. 

Liebherr emphasized that they will not only be focusing on the equipment and machinery they produce. They will also put attention on various other aspects of the company. Liebherr will also be introducing various assistance system, like digital solutions to make the transition to AR technology easier and more efficient. The company further stated that difficult and intricate concepts are presented and explained in such a way that it is easy to understand, whether users have worked with AR technology before or not. Even though companies that use Liebherr might have to undergo external training in AR it will not be as tedious and stressful due to the comprehensive nature of the AR app. 

The app contains scenes with content relating to heavy lifts, material handling, and deep foundation work. Liebherr aims to make its mark in the logistics sector by releasing this app and assisting companies to keep up with modern technology. Traditional methods are falling away faster than we think and it is important that companies like Liebherr set the example of what we can expect in the future. The app, which is called The Liebherr AR Experience, can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple iStore or the Google Play Store. It is compatible with any AR-enabled Apple or Android device.