“The Latest Innovation From Intel – Their Smart Glasses”

The latest innovation from Intel, their Vaunt smart glasses, has proved that you can wear futuristic technology without looking like a fool. Experts have noted that the smart eyewear will be something to look out for. It might take over the market. Here are seven things Intel might want to consider when releasing these smart glasses to the public.

Rebrand the name

Intel has always had a reputation for making high-quality computer parts but if it is going to hold on to fans’ attention, it is going to have to do a lot more than sell the ‘Intel Inside’ motto. It needs to find a way to engage with existing and new customers.

Let critics share their views

After the unveiling of the Vaunt prototype, Intel received some backlash. At the reveal, the company allowed only one journalist to review the product in the company’s favorable conditions. Many tech enthusiasts claim that the reveal was done under biased circumstances and fair reviews weren’t given.

Intel needs to clarify the functionality of the glasses

The design of the Vaunt glasses is attractive. This is why consumers will love it but when it comes to functionality, it offers basic features. Intel introduced the product in such a way that no one knows what it can do or what its shortcomings are. If Intel shares specifics about the technical details, people will understand what the brand is offering.

Take the product to different areas of utilization

Intel has already made it clear where and how the glasses can be used but they failed to make any strong points to consumers. Some of the features highlighted in the reviews include checking messages, emails, giving tasks to Alexa, and accessing data. Intel needs to demonstrate how the glasses can be useful in the daily life of consumers.



Create a truly independent device

At the moment, Vaunt is not an independent wearable. It needs the support of a smartphone to access the necessary data. This is the reason why so many people don’t have smartwatches. You have to carry your phone with you all the time. Companies like Apple have already noticed this. They have already adopted stand-alone solutions. If Intel considers this, they can become a force to be reckoned with.

Convince people about the safety

It has been made clear that the device uses a laser that is very close to the eyeball to function. This is already putting people off buying the device. Intel needs to pay attention to how they portray the functioning of the technology along with how safety is communicated to consumers.

The technology must support Intel’s promises

Aesthetically, the glasses look beautiful but when Intel said that the device can replace smartphones, they need to back it up with the necessary technologies. The device has potential but it should be able to solve real-world problems as well.

April 18, 2018