“Technology Is Now Developing By Making Use Of The Internet of Things”

It has always been amazing to see how far we have come as the human race. Over the last century alone we have amassed so much more than our ancestors could even imagine. Today we are continuing with innovative developments and ideas. It would seem, however, that technology is now developing at such a rapid pace that it is supplying a need or a want we didn’t know we had. Can we not live without our smart fridge in our smart home being controlled by our smartphone? Maybe we could use the time we saved doing this to look at our social media a bit longer.

The good news is that it isn’t all bad and the future looks way more promising than a bunch of robot-zombies staring at screens all the time. As the tech world meets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it will become clear how important technology might become in our individual along with professional lives. There have already been rumors flying around regarding the exhibitions with exciting new developments that await visitors at this event.

By everything possible/Shutterstock

Some of the more entertaining technologies might include cars that can read out minds and predict where we want to go, mobile phones you can bend in half without it breaking, and more robots than you can imagine. There might also just be a robot dog waiting to wag its tail at you. Among these connected toys, however, there are also signs of valuable technology that is growing as every year passes by – technology that business owners, enterprise workers, developers, parents, children, and even school teachers can look forward to.

There will be a few wearables on display but the focus will be on medical and health devices. No, we don’t mean pedometers and heart-rate monitors but things that could make a difference and improve the quality of your life. One of these devices includes glasses that read text out loud and recognize faces, products, and money in real-time for the blind or visually impaired. There is also a device that helps people who have suffered lung damage to recover, a scarf that can minimize pollution, and underpants that can block radiation. You read correctly: underpants. Some of these devices that are on display can save someone’s life at the end of the day and it is all thanks to innovative technological ideas.

This type of technology is much bigger than the television you can control via your smartphone when you are at work or the ‘smart’ mirror that comes with a smart mouth. The tech giants have identified where the value of technology lies. They have expanded on it. Next time you stare into a headline that talks about the latest technological design or the robot that can build a house in 58 minutes, consider for a moment what these technological advancements can do when they are employed properly. Then decide if you want to roll your eyes or not.

January 7, 2018