“AR Augmenting The World As We Know It”

Imagine you are standing on a road where you want to buy an apartment. Maybe you want to visit a nearby restaurant but you don’t know where it is. Maybe you want to shop for furniture but you don’t know what a certain type of couch would look like in your house. It could be a disaster if you bought it and you go home just to find out it is too big for the room you had in mind. Soon you’ll be able to download apps that will give you real-time information about places or objects. Not just written information but a new virtual experience, thanks to AR technology.

The Lenovo Phablets at Gitex Shopper 2017 was the latest in augmented reality and has received a good sales response so far. Experts have noted that AR is a trend to watch out for in the technology space. It transports consumers to a whole new dimension of experiences, places, and sensory experiences. This assists in immersing people into their daily activities by creating engaging and innovative ways to complete regular tasks. It would seem like people want the everyday-ness of reality to be augmented into something exciting.

Visitors at Gitex Shopper emphasized the global appeal for AR products which reflects the trend that is taking place internationally. They sought out the latest and best gadgets including smartphones, wearables, and virtual reality headsets. It seems as if this trend isn’t going to disappear very quickly. Augmented reality applications are being used more and more in different industries around the world. Industries like manufacturing, food, and beverage, and even teaching are making use of different AR technologies to further improve the quality of work.

By Billion Photos/Shutterstock

Lenovo is also expecting to increase wearable technologies, VR products, drones, and high-end gaming products. Apple has also started to venture onto the AR field with its ARKit which was launched at the Worldwide Developer Conference in California. This allows developers to create AR apps for gaming, simulation, and many other uses by using the latest iOS 11 operating system. The entrance that Apple is making into the world of AR is an achievement for the company but it also means that other tech giants will dip their feet into the waters. The next few years could be very exciting in terms of AR development by these companies.

Another company that received praise at Gitex is Canon. Canon Middle East recently partnered with Dubai Internet City to unveil its first innovation center in Dubai. The center boasts an evolved showroom and Canon established this venue as a model for all showrooms in the future. A noteworthy feature of this room is the Interactive Projection Room which transforms into a near VR experience. Another key aspect of the showroom is AR services. This offers video services and customization of communication using variable data to meet the needs of the ever-changing world we live in and the way we communicate.

September 30, 2017