In this era of technology, where everyone is trying to explore the ways that AR can be introduced and implemented in our Games, Nike recently filed a patent. They are presenting a set of AR headsets that will help the professional golf players to track the speed of the ball distance covered and how much time it remained in the air. This special feature of a electronic tracking system with heads up display.
This tremendous technology turn in the gaming world would be a great joy for golf players because it was never done before.
The patent was filed to the World International Property Organization (WIPO) on the 15th of August.
On the first hand, there are Nike’s AR glasses that have a transparent display and shows the images dynamically.
On the other hand, there is a golf ball with a built-in electronic tracker. To capture and detect the movement of the target ball, a processor is programmed which detects the launch and flight attributes of the golf ball. These moving ball attributes are dynamically displayed on the transparent screen of the glasses.

By:Inked Pixels

Now, to understand this whole process, see the below-mentioned points to get an idea of what actually they do.
⦁ Capture and Record images from the user’s viewpoint.
⦁ Transfer those recorded images to the processor (processor 202).
⦁ Tracks the Location of the Golf Ball.
⦁ Based on the User’s Real-World View, Display and Enhance the image of Golf Ball.
This was just an overview to explain how the tracking ball is connected to the AR glasses.
According to the “Let’s Go Digital”, they say the same as we mentioned above:
“There is a programmed processor, used to detect the acceleration and movement of the ball. This processor communicates between the golf’s ball-tracking component and Nike’s eyewear display.”

October 23, 2017