“Without The Use of WI-fI Seeing Augmented Reality World”

SureFire is laying the foundation for a post-Wi-Fi world. Hang on, we know you might be freaking out about the fact that you might never update your Instagram account again, this is something different. The company recently announced its new platform, ARON, which is a communications system that can transmit real-life data through infrared light. It allows users to access an augmented reality view of their surroundings almost like Google Lens but without the use of Wi-Fi, cellular data, or geolocation tools. This means that it is accessible to anyone in the world no matter where they are.

ARON, which stands for ‘augmented reality optical narrowcasting’, can transmit any type of digital format including HD videos and images up to 400 meters during the day and 1,200 meters during the night. Square beams of infrared light carry the data, ensuring a secure connection between the device (a smartphone, car, computer, wearable, etc.) and the sensor in the real world. This could open up a whole new world of possibilities and cut the extra costs that come with Wi-Fi installation or buying data packages.

The infrared beam is more stable than a Wi-Fi or data connection. It will come in handy where Wi-Fi or data connections are very weak. In the face of natural disasters, Wi-Fi could be wiped out completely. This infrared device might just end up saving the day. They’re also happy scenarios where this might be useful. Visitors will be able to see new information if they decide to visit a foreign city. They don’t know where to eat or which sights to see next. Baseball players can also wear sensors, allowing fans in the stadium to see their stats, superimposed on their bodies as they run across the field.

By jamesteohart/Shutterstock

ARON might be a revolutionary game-changing piece of technology. It is not something that can be mass-produced overnight. It would require sensors on buildings, athletes, highways, and anything else that needs to transmit data. Smartphones and other devices will also need to be upgraded. The appropriate receivers must be installed on them. ARON only exists in limited demo form at the moment but there is enough time to expand on this design. With developers keen on broadening their knowledge, who knows what ARON can turn into as time passes?

One of the investors behind ARON, Dr. Narkis Shatz, said that one thing needs to happen before this ecosystem can be successful. One of the major electronic communication providers like Verizon, Comcast, or AT&T, has to show interest and invest in it. This will ensure that there is enough financial backing and that potential customers are buying a brand with established partners. It also gives these companies a foot in the door of AR technology. SureFire revealed ARON at CES. The company is in Las Vegas for the week. There they will be introducing this technology at the IEEE booth in the hopes of attracting big investors.

January 7, 2018