“Pokémon Go’ News”

It seems that the world’s one of the biggest games Pokémon has decided to introduce an entirely new game mechanic. Niantic, the “Pokémon GO” developer revealed that they are going to launch the biggest update to date including 50 more third-gen Pokémon as well as a dynamic weather system.

While briefing about the latest update, Niantic verified that some of the Pokémon including Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip and more that are featured in “Pokémon Ruby” and “Sapphire” has also been added to the AR mobile game. On the other side, the mobile game developer assured that in the coming future they will add more amazing monsters features.
He also said the beside the 50 new Pokémon, the arrival of a new weather system is also confirmed that will depict what kind of Pokémon you can find there in the game.

Niantic said,” The weathers are mapped with new weather visuals as well as the Pokémon will be impacted in different ways by the local weather around you. So, you will have to pay closer attention to your local weather.”
To explain the concept, he explained that “when it will be raining, the trainer will have more chances to find water-type Pokémon.”

Apart from this, you should keep in mind that certain attacks will be depending on the weather condition in certain areas. So, it purely depicts that the boost and combat power of some of them will be depending on weather conditions whether it is sunny or snowy outside. For example – Charizard will get extra boosting powers when it is sunny outside and you will have to be more careful and attentive while playing. He also shared the gameplay of Pokémon to show how it will act in different weathers.

In the demo’s gameplay, the cloud was shown clear when it was sunny rather when it is foggy and windy. On the other side, the game screen will look darker when it snowy outside. Definitely, in the rainy weather, you will find the raindrops on the screen and background will appear darker.

Archit Bhargava, a global marketing lead manager at Niantic told while interviewing with Polygon,” we always considered the game as a real-world game even when we were just discussing it and now, the new weather addition will make it more realistic.”

December 9, 2017