Soccer Players Test their Skills Through a Unique AR-Kit APP

Augmented reality technology has taken the world by storm. Lately, it has shown that it is not just limited to advanced technological breakthroughs but that it can be used in everyday situations. Builders, inspectors, and plant operators have already been introduced to AR equipment and now soccer players can explore their skills and talents via AR technology. This could be the future of training for important matches and to allow up and coming soccer players to successfully develop their skills whilst practicing. 

A new AR app called myKicks uses ARKit to drive its core functionality. ARKit can detect horizontal surfaces and estimate ambient light. It is for this reason that it is a super-effective way for soccer players to integrate AR into their game plans and their training schedules. The app helps to set up a unique soccer training course that takes place in an augmented reality situation. The app even allows players to record their faults and to see where they can improve on any errors that occur – errors that cannot afford to be made on match day!

By ajborges/Shutterstock


Australia-based developer, Matt Comi, worked on the ARKit component of the app and shared the results of the app on Twitter. This video shows the complete functionality of the app and how effective it is in action. From the video, it is clear to see that the app uses the ARKit component to determine the location of the goalposts. The player then places the iPhone on the ground with the camera facing the goals and the app will show exactly what the position of the goal will be for the player to shoot a successful goal. 

As soon as the player is ready to play, the app gives a countdown and records for three seconds. The app then calculates the speed and trajectory of the kick as it is recorded on the video by using computer vision as well as the placement of the ball. Not only does the app improve on the player’s style but it also puts the player in different game scenarios where different kicks and skills are tested. This is a great practice for anticipating possible events during a match. The app then also gives the player the option to share the results with other players and compare their progress. 

The app is available for free on the App Store for a limited time only in the UK. Fans in other countries can sign up if they are interested and they will be notified as soon as there is enough interest and once the app expands. ARKit is used in a truly innovative way through the MyKicks app. Where AR technology was once only used for ordinary things like furniture placement and 3D content apps, major creativity is applied to the way we play a sport in this case. Who knows what type of sport will be next?