“What Fueled Dreamworld’s Plan to Open AR Headset Pre-Orders”

Dreamworld announced the commencement of pre-orders for the Augmented Reality (AR) headset. According to the filings obtained on the 3rd of November in the US District Court of Northern California, Meta managed to successfully settle several issues that include accusing a former employee called Zhangyi Zhong alongside his company associated with the theft of confidential information and trade secrets. We, managed to find a comment from Meta when we reached out and inquired about the settlement of this case together with the terms employed. From the information obtained, it was evident that Dreamworld was going to be allowed to continue selling out their Dream Glass.

This dream glass is a special type of headset that is not tethered and can provide the user with up to 100 degrees area of view. This headset also comprises of positional tracking that provides the coordinates of an object for easy tracking and location of objects. Apart from that, the dream glasses are also made up of gesture recognition software that enables the user to easily employ it by using specific gestures to give certain instructions to make the glasses perform a given task. These glasses employ modern technology to effectively perform some tasks such as locating an object as the AR glasses used in surgical operations that involve the removal of tumors.

Dreamworld celebrated the settlement by coming up with a video for its Dream headset. This video had the main aim of advertising and presenting the new headset to the public thus reaching out to its potential customers. The promotional video is said to be computer generated because of the mirrors and smoke appearances that seem to have been animated and not literal. The video was also meant to allow the public to have a chance of selecting the Dream Glass in person. Another public appearance where these glasses will be showcased has been set to CES 2018 which will be held in January in Las Vegas. In the period before this public appearance, Meta is set to continue with its legal procedures of defending itself against the claims of patent infringement from the IP firm Genedics.

These Dream glasses have a variety of advantages because it employs modern advance technology. Just like the Augmented Reality Headset, the Dream Glasses can be used in various fields to improve services that are offered and customer reliability. The various fields in which this headset is employed include businesses in the location of objects and also medical fields where it is used especially in operations by surgeons dealing with tumors. The Dream Glasses are, therefore, a major technological advancement in the various sectors in which they are used. Showcasing the Dream Glasses in Las Vegas will, therefore, be the greatest relief to the users as well as potential users and even customers.

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