“Virtual Reality in Learning and Development Training”

One of the most interesting & important topics of the decade is technological innovation. Every day we see new developments arising in this industry. Especially in the virtual reality sector. Many different industries have already employed the use of VR. It is said that with the use of enterprise VR, revenue will grow twice as fast as normal. The employment of VR in the workspace allows the employee to gain a new set of skills that helps them to move along in the modern world. The technology is no longer limited to sci-fi novels but it is readily accessible; now more than ever.

Moving forward with VR

The healthcare industry is one of the industries where VR/AR technologies are the most useful and it is predicted that the digital healthcare market will reach $28.3 billion by 2025 in the UK alone. Experts have noted that the popularity of VR lies in the fact that it creates a safe space for employee training and skills development. It gives professionals the tools they need while minimizing risk factors. With so much at stake in the operating room, VR creates a safe environment where professionals can practice while being able to make as many mistakes as they need, until they get it right.

A growing innovation

Many companies like FundamentalVR are developing unique innovations that show exactly why there is so much excitement around VR. The company’s Fundamental Surgery Education platform recently received a post-money valuation of million. One of the company’s main investors explained that companies must change the way learning & training are taking place. Companies like FundamentalVR are leading the way by creating educational platforms for different types of industries all over the world.

Using VR as a training solution

When using VR technology during training, it is an advantage for veteran professionals as well as young interns in the healthcare industry. It makes it possible for more experienced people to refresh their knowledge and practice some procedures that they might have forgotten. It also allows younger professionals to learn at their own pace without risking someone’s life. This opens the door for new surgeries or rare surgeries to be perfected. It enhances the traditional method of medical training because it provides an experimental simulation in a real-life setting.

Room for growth

The possibilities are endless when VR technology is used. This can lead to even more innovations in the future. Employers and employees must understand how the technology works and that they are encouraged to implement the technology. It is a versatile & effective mode of training. If implemented properly it will continue to have a presence in the healthcare industry. It can assist with the training of all medical professionals on all levels. As VR technology continues to grow & develop, employees and employers will find that there are unlimited ways of improving the working environment with the use of this technology.