“Augmented Reality Technology Is Here For E-Learning Platform – Are You Ready?”

Learning developers all over the world are making use of augmented reality technology. Platforms have been created that are being used in classrooms, lecture halls, and workshops. At the moment, AR is not as accessible as it should be because it requires a mobile device to interact with it but this does not mean that developers can’t start creating. It might be a bit intimidating at first and how to design quality AR experiences can be a huge hurdle. Destery Hildenbrand from GP Strategies has a few tips on how to overcome these challenges. Be flexible. There are many things that we can do in e-learning to prepare ourselves for the skills needed to interact with immersive realities. Destery says,” that flexibility is most important.” He says,” that in this profession many people don’t have coding backgrounds so a lot of learning comes from training and experimenting.” He says,” that it is important never to lose sight of the objectives and to understand the audience.

By atsurkan/Shutterstock

“Identify what the necessary skills are to be flexible enough to accept that you might fail the first time. As soon as you recognize the skill you are interested in deciding whether you want to learn it or if you will have time to learn it. Time management Destery does admit that sometimes people simply do not have time to learn a skill that they are interested in. His advice is to identify the most important skills, the most basic skills, and build from there. Find some tutorials to take note of the tools that were used. Were the tools cloud-based, what was the level of interaction, and how immersive was it? He then says that a little bit of research can go a long way. You might even decide to outsource the skills you aren’t able to learn.  Outsourcing, the question is often difficult to answer. When is the right time to decide to outsource or when to continue building? Destery says it depends on your budget and your turnaround time. If you have enough time, you can train your employees to build it themselves. If your budget is bigger, you might decide to outsource from the start to get it done in less time. He does admit that sometimes it is difficult to let go of all the small pieces because you want to be part of the process but it is also important to ask what is best for the customer.  Go outside the box Destery believes that the box is irrelevant at this point. He says that we should start thinking outside reality. Maybe you want your client to do a certain thing while sitting at their desk. Perhaps you feel certain individuals would benefit from pop-up instructions as they are working. He also feels that AR is too fun at the moment. People are still exploring it. It hasn’t become a fixed structure in society. He says that as soon as that happens, it will bring more value to our lives.