“The Future of Augmented & Virtual Reality”


The past few years have been an exciting time for developers because augmented and virtual reality has taken off at a fast pace. Judging on what has already been achieved in these fields, it is safe to say that the future looks very bright. Many startups want to sink their claws into this revolutionary technology but one company, LVL3 Dizengoff, is offering consumers a unique sensory experience. The Israeli company is located in Tel Aviv. They are one of the first companies to experiment with AR/VR tech in the country.

The company managed to create a positive reputation for themselves by offering the Anvio virtual reality platform to Israelis. This delivers a team-based experience where users can do anything including flying in space and fighting zombies. Even though the company has already developed the technology to a large extent this is just the start. Every day there are more possibilities that are discovered by AR/VR developers along with consumers who are excited to see it grow. AR/VR startups not only make their mark in the tech industry but they also contribute to the larger economy of the country.

LVL3 Dizengoff is not the only company peaking in the field of AR/VR technology. Ever since the introduction of Pokémon Go a few years ago, the future of AR/VR tech has never been clearer. It adds a unique element to our immediate environment. It makes everyday tasks fun. However, this does not mean that VR/AR tech is free of challenges. Despite its growing market, investors are still wary when it comes to committing to these types of technology. The industry is growing too slowly for investors to see the returns that they have expected.


What is the solution to this problem? The answer is simple yet more complex than we can understand: AR/VR companies must be proactive in developing new tools. At the moment many tech giants are jumping on the bandwagon with announcements of VR/AR tech development. Apple, has been experimenting with this technology. They have even hired extra AR/VR developers. This is one company with the ability to propel the field of AR/VR technology in the right direction.

Another company that has announced its involvement in AR/VR tech is Wayfair. They want to demonstrate how it can be used outside of gaming and military use. They have created tools that allow consumers to visualize their furniture in their homes without buying it. VR has also been widely used in the tourism industry where ancient cities are being recreated for exploration in museums.

The next logical step is to develop the technology until it is limitless and the experiences are unconstrained. The future is completely customized. It will offer personalized experiences unlike we have ever seen. Combined with AR technology, consumers will be able to see the world on a different level.




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