“Mixed Reality Business 2020-2030”

The technological changes in the past few years have been earmarked by the rise and development of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality. There have already been many products released over the past decade. This has captured the attention of several different sectors. A new report suggests that this technology is only going to grow over the next 10 years. The study includes market research done on AR, MR, and VR technologies as well as historic data compiled from over 100 companies. The report also offers a forecast up until the year 2030.

Since the release of Google Glass in 2010, consumers have shown a lot of interest in the world of AR, MR, and VR. The report covers a wide range of headsets that have emerged since then and how successful they have been. The other products discussed in the report are devices that can create digital environments that consumers can interact with. Virtual reality products are products that create new 3D worlds that completely replace reality, augmented reality products overlay digital content onto the real world, and mixed reality products add superimposed images that interact spatially with real-world environments.

Within the categories of AR, MR, and VR, three distinct groups can be categorized as follows: PC products that require PC attachments, standalone products that do not require a PC. Smartphone products which use the capabilities of a smartphone to project AR, VR, or MR. All three of these categories are discussed in detail and they are compared to each other. The purpose of this comparison is to give the reader an understanding of the type of product, the history of the product, and how successful the product is said to be by 2030. This way the reader can make an informed business decision.

The forecasts show that all three of the markets are growing. They are said to grow even more by 2030. Data shows that the markets will have grown over $30bn in the next 10 years. The report also discusses current and future trends in technology for example screen resolution and weight of the product. The research was compiled by using both primary and secondary methodologies. Several companies and businesses have been contacted so that the correct sets of data could be obtained. The report was compiled by professional researchers in the field.

The compiler of the report, IDTechEx, boast years of experience in the research field and their team consists of a wide range of experts. The organization also hosts leading events that cover AR, MR, and VR technology. The analyst team travels the world every year to discuss the status and development of the technology with several global companies. As a result, they were able to compile a comprehensive report that emphasizes the characterization of AR, MR, and VR technologies. The report serves as an excellent resource for anyone involved in investigating the future of the sector.

January 20, 2019



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