“Camerai Acquired In Secret By Apple”

Camerai is a small Israeli start-up company that Apple covertly acquired without making headlines between 2018 and 2019. This just leaves all the more mystery to fans who are watching Apple with scrutiny. Camerai had its share of success long before Apple noticed the start-up and produced several innovative projects. Camerai generated about $5 million since it was founded in 2015. Several other companies also approached Camerai with offers of acquisition such as Samsung and Alibaba. This computer-vision company has been helping Apple in its AR developments to which there has already been quite some speculation over the past few years.

When Apple acquired Camerai, AR acquisitions were at its peak of hype:

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According to sources, Apple stated that it has already bought 25 companies in 2019, some kept private and others leaked. The iPhone giant has already been acquiring small start-up companies that specialize in tech to boost business and many people are already anxiously waiting for its range of AR products and apps. The acquisition of Camerai was first reported by an Israeli newspaper. Major global newspapers did not report the acquisition probably due to the start-up nature of the company. This acquisition may just be one of the final steps Apple is taking in its race to enter the global AR market with high-end technology. Apple is expecting to keep a close ear on the ground regarding the innovations from other big tech companies in Israel.

While Apple generally focuses on internal development projects, it does acquire other companies to boost the progress of certain projects. Apple purchased Camerai for  tens of millions of dollars. Now Camerai is a core part of the company’s computer vision team. Apple  integrated Camerai’s employees with their computer-vision team. 

Initially, Camerai operated in stealth mode. Its platform allows developers to create AR content without having the required technical knowledge.

Where in iOS 13 and iOS 14 are the updates?

Possibly the camera or anywhere else in the system.

According to reports, Apple’s cameras have adapted Camerai’s technology to make it easier for developers to include AR features into their apps and Apple’s ARKit. Apple’s AR technology can detect objects in a picture and it can outline objects so that they can be adjusted. It also created an SDK to allow developers to use AR tools for image editing and rectification.

Apple is also working on wearables that include MR environments and rumors are circulating about the release of an Apple Glass headset. 

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