“Streem Raises $1.7M, Brings Augmented Reality Streaming Tech to Home Service Professionals”

According to a Portland-based company, they can help the Home Service Professionals by using the AR, Live Streaming, and mobile phones to speed up their workflow and reduce the time loss.
For the very first time, Flying Fish invested in Streem.Now, they have been granted $1.7 million so that they can grow their network from GVR Fund, Columbia Ventures Corp, Rogue Venture Partners, and Curious Capital. Besides these, Betaworks has also given a great fund to the streem.
The company’s ambition is to explore a way for home service professionals so that they can swiftly diagnose the real problem using Augmented Reality.
Now, see how the app works under AR. To get started with it, you can download the Streem’s app from the play store where you can stream an HD quality video to record/stream the issue that you are facing. On the other hand, the professional service provider can use the built-in digital box to analyze the issue. And depending on the nature of the issue, he can describe to you the time required to do the job, what will be the cost, etc.
Another great feature of this app is, it uses computer vision technology to detect the model or brand name of that part or appliance which is to be repaired.
The service provider is allowed to use a laser pencil to explain and mention the specific parts. Apple’s ARkit keeps your whole data including media safe even if the job is finished.
The app really comes to assist both professionals as well as customers. After getting knowing the problem, it becomes easy for a professional to pick specific repairing tools instead of keeping the whole toolbox.
Ryan Fink, the CEO of Streem stated that:
“Streem app helps the professionals to virtually communicate with their customers and it will be more convenient when they already know the problem and have planned how to solve this issue. So, it becomes more convenient for them to deliver outstanding work.”

Peter Rojas, Betaworks Ventures Partner, once stated that:
“It is true, there has been a load of innovations in the Home Service Providers Industry but I have never even seen an application like Streem regarding buyer and seller collaboration and understanding before getting the job started.” Also, he said: “We’re happy to know that the Streem is replacing the traditional ways and introducing the concept of Augmented Reality to make this easy.

The other great firms like Thumbtack, Pro.com, TaskRabbit, and even Amazon.com are also looking for new ways to introduce the AR to establish a better Customer and Seller experience. However, Streem is just focusing on the Home Services matters fro now. It has come to hear that the Streem has recently partnered with HomeAdvisor.
The aid will be utilized to wast the company setup and building departments for advanced technology researches. Jef Holove is announced as the Chief Operating Officer of the company.

The idea on which its working, can not be counted as a new or stream’s own concept. A similar app (figuring out technician’s problems) was made in 2013 by the ResolutionTube company. ResolutionTube just focused on the internal business but Find has extended the idea where services providers can directly contact with the customers.

December 13, 2017





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