“Porsche Tech Live Look Merges AR With Car Dealerships”

There is nothing worse than car problems – especially if it occurs in a Porsche. Whilst DIY-mechanics can fiddle with their cars in the comfort of their homes, a Porsche is not a car that appreciates a backyard service. Not every car problem is easy to diagnose and even experienced technicians can tear their hair out when they are confronted with a problem. This is exactly what Porsche is trying to solve with their new augmented reality system. This could mean faster trips through the service department – which is always a win-win for everyone.

Porsche’s Tech Live Look consists of a set of augmented reality (AR) smart glasses. This innovative solution allows technicians to put on a set of glasses which will assist them in finding the problem. This will be especially helpful in a situation where a technician is uncertain about what the problem is. The glasses will then connect the technician with Porsche’s Atlanta-based support system. They will then be able to see exactly what the technician sees when he or she is working on the car and give advice as to where the problem might be.

When considering the glasses that are designed specifically for Porsche’s diagnostics service, one is reminded of something from a sci-fi film. Its futuristic functions allow the user to see just about anywhere inside the Porsche. LEDs provide extra light to illuminate dark crevices that would be hard to reach with a regular torch or other light sources. The glasses also have a built-in camera that delivers high-resolution results. It can automatically focus on details as small as screw threads, making the job of the technician so much easier.

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Naturally, AR technology would not be AR if there wasn’t some sort of augmentation involved. The support team in Atlanta will be able to send instructions and technical service bulletins from their systems to the glasses. This way technicians can receive the support in real-time as they are working. They won’t have to run to a nearby computer to open an email or run to the front office to answer a phone call. It revolutionizes the way technology is used in the workshop. It also helps in saving time and money. The customer won’t have to wait that long for technicians to diagnose the problem.

Porsche first introduced the new Tech Live Look in eight dealerships in the summer of 2017. Statistics show that glasses help to decrease the time it takes to solve a problem by about 40%. Customers have also received this service positively because they get their car back quicker. Waiting at a dealership can be so tedious especially since you don’t always know how long it is going to take to fix a problem and driving around in a courtesy car can be annoying. AR technology can truly foster goodwill between customers and their dealerships, and it can create a personalized experience for each driver – which is what Porsche stands for.

Nov 20, 2017





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